How does it work?

How it works
Micro needles 1

The Micro-needle Cartridge is placed on the surface of the skin.

Micro needles 2

The Micro-needles penetrate through the surface of the skin.

Micro needles 3

Bipolar RF energy is directly applied to the target area.

Micro needles 4

This stimulates Collagen regeneration and new elastic production processes begin.

How does the RF Aesthetics ‘Secret’ work?

Fractional lasers penetrate the skin causing an inverse triangle of damage to the epidermis. The deeper the target area the more extensive the damage.

But the RF Aesthetics ‘Secret’ delivers precisely controlled RF energy only to the target areas, adjusting the depth selectively with minimally invasive micro-needles. This means minimal damage to the skin epidermis, shorter treatment times and less pain with faster recovery times.

What are the advantages?

  • Precise treatment and depth control for varying skin conditions
  • Minimal damage to epidermis with low risk of side effects
  • Fast recovery so minimal ‘down time’ after treatment
  • Precisely controlled Bi-polar RF energy suits all skin types

Take a look at some our our results – before & after photographs

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Watch our video presentation of the RF Aesthetics secret of anti-ageing

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Take a look at what the RF Aesthetics ‘Secret’ can treat

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